I’ve never liked talking about myself, but out of courtesy I will tell little things about me, so we can get to know each other 🙂

A phd. student stuck in his little world. To him, the world of his is endless with pursuits and dreams. But in reality it is just a little world. Come and join me in my little world, where I follow my path, my dreams and goals.

Applied machine learning and deep learning specialist. I try to use my knowledge on machine learning and deep learning to create “interesting” applications. I’ve always loved the machine learning from the day I learned it; it was so nice to see a form of AI doing its thing by itself. I might try some AI here and there as well 🙂

Programming is always a tool we need to use, so some programming tricks and tips will be here too.

Ok, I am going off topic, it seems. I told you at the beginning, I’ve never liked talking about myself. But don’t forget my thoughts are a part of me as well…

And remember, always keep learning!